Big cakes, small cakes, cupcakes a plenty! These are little goodies that I thoroughly enjoy making and creating because the possibilities are endless. I have the perfect chocolate cupcake, the Pumpkin Spiced latte cupcake, Maple Bacon cupcake, and really almost any cupcake you could think of! I can build your basic base, custom frosting and … Continue reading Cupcakes


Who doesn’t love a deliciously crunchy but gooey cookie? These are perfect bites of flavor to have at any gathering! I make a perfect chocolate chip cookie (gluten free option available too!), chocolate crackle cookie, ginger cookies, sugar cookies and several Greek cookies! For your next gathering, what type of cookie will you need? Let … Continue reading Cookies


One pie, two pie, three pie, four! Pie with coffee, pie with tea, what kind of pieย would like thee? I really enjoy baking pies. I have the perfect crust for a 9 inch pie and my preferred crumble topping. I make an amazing cherry, apple or pumpkin pie! I’m sure I could dabble in some … Continue reading Pies

Other Services

We all know the feeling of wanting that homemade dish to share with family, friends and co-workers but no time to do so. It can be very daunting! Well have no fear, Maria’s Black Apron is here to help! I have perfected some of the most classic recipes and added some gourmet style to others … Continue reading Other Services